Meet the owner of Tranquil Reiki and read our "Frequently Asked Questions" below.

Reiki Master Jerri


Founder and owner of Tranquil Reiki


A certified Third Degree Reiki Master, I have worked with different types of healing for over a decade, working with healing methods that include crystals, herbs, candles and earth energies.


I specialize in clearing blockages from the aura and chakras while providing healing to various parts of the body via Reiki's Healing energy.


I have a deep passion for helping with the healing of other humans, pets, animals, plants, and the earth.

Reiki is a laying on of hands for the purpose of healing. The Reiki practitioner, upon receiving attunements, acts as a channel of universal life force energy. Energy healers are connected to the life energy as attunements clear obtructions and open energy channels.


Many physical ailments and symptoms of disease are often physical manifestations of unresolved emotional blockages. Reiki provides energy healing to clear and balance chakras in the body. When chakras are blocked, it increases stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression and symptoms of disease. Blockages, stress, anxiety and depression can all lead to illnesses and diseases developing within your body.


The human body has seven main chakras which are energy centers where consciousness and matter meet.  Energy, (prana) when allowed to flow freely through out the body, is what keeps us healthy, peaceful and grounded.


A client who receives Reiki can expect to feel warmth and a lovely tingly sensation coming from the practitioners hands during a session. You may feel a coolness. Some may feel an overwhelming sense of calm and may fall asleep! You may feel like you are floating. After a treatment it is common to feel relaxed and refreshed. Reiki can assist patients who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, pain, illnesses, diseases and much more.


Reiki aids in healing - humans, pets / fur-kids, animals, plants and the earth (Mother Nature).

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Reiki?


A: Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is done through touch.  A warm and soothing energy comes from the hands of the healer into the client promoting relaxation and releasing tension.  Because stress both causes illness and inhibits healing, Reiki is both a preventative treatment and a treatment for illness and disease.  It is effective for treating pain, stress, and fatigue.


Q: Can Reiki be used instead of seeing a Doctor?


A: It is recommended that Reiki be used along with traditional therapies, as well as natural medicine, such as the use of herbs, gemstones, yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Studies have shown that Reiki has been extremely effective for promoting healing after surgery, as well as chemotherapy.


Q: Is Reiki a religion?


A: No.  Reiki is not a religion, but its founders were said to practice Buddhism.  Reiki works regardless of your religion or spiritual inclinations.


Q: Where does Reiki come from and how do Reiki practitioners use it for healing?


A: Practitioners of Reiki are attuned to access Reiki energy, it moves through the hands of the healer to the body of the client.  Reiki is translated as universal life force energy.


Q: What is a typical session like?


A: A typical Reiki treatment is an hour long, although shorter or longer sessions can be accommodated.  The client remains fully clothed during the session as the practitioner goes through the healing process.  Reiki is intelligent and communicates with the client’s body to do the work of the healing.


If you have a specific issue, we suggest you book three one hour treatments, but of course you’ll want to start with one to see if you like it.  Many minor illnesses can be alleviated with just one treatment, however it depends upon your body and wiliness to participate in the healing process.  Most often, several treatments will be necessary.




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