Here's what some of our clients are saying about Tranquil Reiki

     I am so glad I finally found out about Tranquil Reiki. This was my first time trying it out and I have got to say it has made a huge difference in my life.


     I received distant healing for a lot of different things such as my anxiety, migraines, aches and pains, as well as my eleven month old son with his teething issues and it has worked wonders on all of them. But most of all I received it for postpartum depression, which is now no longer an issue. I was even able to get off my antidepressants and nerve medicine using distant Reiki sessions.


     It is hard to explain how but it honestly worked within days after being so depressed constantly for six months. It was the only thing that helped without any bad side effects like all my antidepressants had. Thank you so much for helping me through everyday. ;)

Thank you so much for making my first Reiki experience a great one. I didn't really know what to expect but you put me at ease and answered all my questions.


     The session was very relaxing, gentle and non invasive. I was reminded of when I had acupuncture years ago, when I could feel energies moving and flowing, which had probably been stuck for years. However, this was something more as it felt like there was a bigger picture of healing happening somehow. I also love how you work with chakras to balance any that need it.


     This has genuinely helped me on so many levels that I find it hard to actually articulate here. Thank you again and I will definitely look forward to further sessions.

     Tranquil Reiki lives up to the name. The treatment relaxes my body, clears out negativity, and increases the flow of positivity and clear thought.


     The professional, caring and healing process releases my inner tranquility and positive energies so I can continue to live out my full potential.

     I never dreamed the healing sessions would have been so powerful. My first experience with Reiki (through Tranquil Reiki) was very uplifting and the benefits were astounding. The master not only relieved my inner pain but also cleansed my chakras as well. Giving me unexplained energy.  I was left wanting more sessions!


     Each healing helped me with something different. Not only the inner pain was improved but my anxiety and fatigue as well.  And when I couldn’t make it to our personal sessions, the Tranquil Reiki Masters sent me long distance Reiki.  My daughter (and her baby) also had the pleasure of long distance Reiki when she had a c-section.   The long distance healing helped with the pain and mental stress relating to the birth. She swears by the power and the healing benefits that prosper within the Reiki guides.


     I personally stand behind the many benefits Reiki has to offer and recommend Tranquil Reiki to anyone that is searching for an alternative medical relief program that really works!!!  You are truly a five star healing establishment.



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